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Dynamic Wireframes: Active HTML/CSS models, demonstrating navigation, behaviors, workflow, techniques, branding

What we do over the course of an engagement ...

How we deliver usability: Some thoughts & methods...

How we define the craft: Architecture, Design, Process, Documentation

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Why we do usability: What Uxp Is, our Role, the Vision Thing

Who I am: A few things you should know ... or maybe not

Adaptable, innovative and insightful, I "hit the ground running" and excel in a challenging environment ... brainstorming, problem solving, doing agile design, prototyping ...

Military Brat, speak several languages (metaphorically and literally), lived in Europe, pioneered a loft in NYC, ex video freak, animator ...

Sort of a blog - Mostly just a collection of Ideas, Opinions & Insights.

The Wayback Machine

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Transactional Surge Pioneering online business applications, Early Web, transitional technologies: Hypercard, Visual Basic


Before We Called It the Web "The First Wave" of graphical interactive online services: Videotex, Cabletext, Teletext, Videodisks, Electronic Signage

Portapak Lifestyle

The New Synthesis The New Media Emerges: Video, community cable, dance, documentaries, arts progrmming, news research, advocacy, animation, commercial art

TCS Paper

User Experience - in its various guises - has been my passion since I first joined the digital interactive design profession.

Here are some presentations from those at early days...

Some of it was actually insightful - and even relevant to issues that we deal with today.

TCS Paper

I was one of the first students to graduate with a Masters Degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Spring of 1981.

Here's a collection of my course papers ...

Enhanced Sports info page
Successfully marketed these productivity tools for the emerging interactive arena (1984): Templates, meta-tagging, clipart, "responsive design", multi-platform capability, construction engines
Identikit #1
Innovating with the new media: An integrated Template/Metadata Tagger design platform, animated video jukebox, face-maker, and of course .... games