Frequently Asked Questions : About P&P
Click to Call

You have easy one-click voice access to anyone in the P&P network from your desktop.

Here's how it works:

1) Go to the Profile page of the person you want to call. (For example: Enter their name in "Search", link to them from a shared Project, or click on their link in your Relationship Navigator.)

2) You'll see the Click-to-Call icon button next to the Phone and Mobile telephone numbers on that person's Contact tabfolder on their Profile Page.

3) Click on the Click-to-Call icon button. A popup dialog box:

  • Confirms where you're CALLING FROM
  • Confirms where you're CALLING TO
  • Provides step-by-step DIRECTIONS.

Relationship Navigator

The Relationship Navigator in your People tabfolder lets you see who you know - and how you know them.

Here's how it works:

1) Go to your Profile Page. (For example: Click on your "Welcome [Your Name]" link at the top of any P&P page.)

2) Your Profile page will look something like this.

  • Click on the "Relationship" tabfolder on your Profile page.




3) Your Relationship Navigator looks something like this.

  • The boldness of the connection lines indicates the strength of the connection between you and the people in your network.
  • You can click on any of the people in your Relationship Navigator network in order to explore your shared interests.


An enterprise-oriented Social Network like P&P is built upon our collective knowledge.

How does P&P Rate?

Click on Feedback [link to this page] in the menubar to provide the P&P community with your opinion of the services and features offered here.

Feed the Wiki

Got a useful URL, a helpful document, a handy piece of code, a clear definition that someone else might want to use? Please let us know.

Click on Developer API's [link to this page] in the menubar.

Follow an Interest

You can "Follow" people, projects, feedback, and tags in P&P that interest you: You'll receive notifications in the Communique Bar whenever something of interest happens.

* You can Follow anyone or anything: A Person, a Project a Tag.

* Anyone can Follow you (And you can block anyone who's Following you.)

* The new Following tabfolder on your Profile page tells you who's in your world, and let's you control access.

* Or you can click on the Manage link in your Communique Bar.

* Alerts and notifications about the things that interest you automatically appear in the Communique Bar.