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Account Documents

This page displays the relevant Documents that are affiliated with this Account. We assume a robust set of "document management" tools that relate to directly this account (s.a. search document repositories, affiliate a document record, un-affiliate, identify a name/alias/type). This does not include "document management" tools for creating a document record (s.a. scan/capture a document, add a record to a repository, delete a record in a repository, edit metadata about the document record, etc.)



  • Are certain documents REQUIRED?
  • Are there unique placeholders for some of these documents?
  • Are there groups or types of documents? Do we need multiple sub-tabfolders?
  • What is the scope of # of documents? Are documents listed in a table?
  • What relevant, useful info is displayed for each document?
  • Do you want to be able to view a Document in separate window? (We recommend it)
  • Do you want to view multiple Documents at the same time?