Employers Adopt Wellness/Disease Management Programs to Offset Rising Medical Costs
Maintaining a productive and healthy workforce is important to the effective management of any company. Approximately 20% of employees and their dependents drive 60 % of a company's medical claims. Employees and dependents suffering from chronic ailments, such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, hypertension and depression, are primarily responsible for these costs.

Employers are beginning to understand the importance of helping workforces manage, prevent and lessen the effects of chronic diseases. Many companies are implementing wellness and disease management programs designed to improve the health of employees in order to improve the health of the company.

As healthcare costs continue to mount, The NIA Group views wellness programs and disease management as critical alternatives to reducing premiums over the long run. NIA’s employee benefits advisors counsel clients and work with insurance companies to develop specific coaching and advocacy programs that help employees modify behavior and deal with chronic diseases before they become catastrophic.

Even in the early stages, there is unquestionable improvement in the health of employees who participate in disease management and wellness programs. According to Mike Goodwin, senior benefits specialist out of The NIA Group’s Paramus, NJ, office, “Employees who deal with chronic diseases head on, also see a drop in the occurrence of everyday illnesses.”

Denise Angleman, senior vice president of The NIA Group’s Employee Benefits division, adds, “Wellness programs help reduce the use of medical services necessary when chronic ailments reach catastrophic proportions. For every dollar spent on disease management, there are multiple dollars saved for chronic disease treatment.”

“Most important, when employees know their employer values them enough to provide extra care, they feel better and are more responsive in their job,” says Angleman.

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