Auto Insurance Rule Of Thumb: Shop Before You Buy

Right now, the competition for auto insurance in the New York metropolitan market is at its peak, and “shoppers” may find the cost and coverage they get may be better from an independent insurance agent than from a captive agent working directly for a single insurance carrier.

“There are a few good reasons to work with an independent auto insurance agent or broker like The NIA Group,” notes Mitch Silver, senior vice president of the NIA Personal Insurance Division. “First, our agents can choose from among a number of insurance companies to bring the best coverage and policy offering to meet a customer’s specific needs. A captive agent can only sell you what their insurance company is offering and that may not be best suited for the client’s situation,” notes Silver.

“Similarly, if you have an issue with your policy, a paid employee of the insurance company will try to resolve that issue in favor of the company. Conversely, an independent agent works for the customer and will try to settle the issue to the customer’s satisfaction,” Silver points out.

“Finally, an independent auto insurance broker and agent can advise clients with alternative quotes and information from a variety of insurance companies without ever placing the burden of research on the customer,” he explains. “When a shopper deals directly with the insurance company, the burden of finding better or alternative insurance solutions rests solely with the customer.”

Because of the traditional complexity of the region’s auto insurance market, Silver suggests you call your agent to see which carriers are offering insurance and where you can get the best coverage. “There are some very good offerings out there right now and an NIA agent or broker is going to know which one can best meet your situation,” says Silver.

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