Could Your Homeowners Policy Weather a Hurricane?
Recent hurricanes in Florida should serve as a sharp reminder to homeowners everywhere that they should review their homeowners policies for adequate coverage. It’s best to check policies annually, and preferably in advance of hurricane season.

If you have not read your policy in a while, Alexander Petterson, personal insurance manager of The NIA Group’s West Palm Beach office, suggests these tips when reviewing your coverage:

  • Make sure your current policy will cover the cost of repairs should you need to rebuild after a storm. The cost of replacement materials has climbed sharply over the past five years and you may not recoup total cost under your current policy.
  • If you have made recent improvements to the interior and exterior of your home, then make sure you have adequate coverage to cover the replacement cost of your home and its contents, including upgrades, should they be damaged or destroyed.
  • Standard insurance policies do not cover flooding. Flood insurance can be purchased through an insurance agency like The NIA Group.
  • Make certain that you know what your deductible is. Homeowners policies for properties located in coastal states typically have a deductible that is a percentage of the value of the dwelling. Also confirm if your deductible is applicable to wind or a named hurricane.
  • Keep important documents, such as mortgage and escrow papers, photos or videos of your home and its contents, insurance policies and birth certificates in a safe, hurricane-proof place or a separate location. Easy access to these documents can speed up the insurance claims process.

When in doubt, ask your insurance advisor to walk you through your policy. Seek an advisor that has solid relationships with numerous carriers and extensive experience in placing insurance for properties located in hurricane-prone areas. This will ensure that you get broad protection at a competitive rate.

You can always contact The NIA Group Personal Lines Division at (800) 226-626