The Communication Studio

TCS Professional Services

This was how we saw ourselves in 1986: We were one of the first Interactive Design Service Bureaus.

Actually, most of this is still very, very true...

"One Stop Shopping"


We do it all:

  • scripting
  • storyboarding
  • end-to-end production for marketing presentations
  • demonstration prototypes for new media services
  • video & slide captur
  • animation
  • custom fonts
  • volume production templates
  • clip art


The Communication Studio will

  • structure your database
  • header screens
  • integrate appropriate applications, system & "help" information

We provide protocol conversion, user utility software, "windowing", flexible screen architecture and easy-to-use, affordable authoring systems.


We teach focused seminars:

  • Using TCS Software
  • Graphic Frame Creation Techniques
  • A NAPLPS Tutoria
  • Integrating Technology
  • Designing an Interactive Database
  • Managing the Design Process


We've helped many of our clients take their new media projects through the development stage and into operation.

TCS technical expertise includes videodisc, videotex, teletext, touch sensitive displays, MIDI & audio control, photo-digitized graphics, standalone kiosks, electronic signage, cable & video, broadcast technologies, local & online database design, media integration and foreign language projects.

We can think on our feet. Expert troubleshooters.


Working from our library of interactive production and graphics-handling routines, TCS delivers custom software quickly and at the right price. Co-marketing and distribution agreements for existing TCS software are already in operation in the US and abroad.


The success of your project often depends the hardware/software system you select. We can help you determine compatability issues, define production efficiency, assess development potential and specify hardware that's appropriate to your needs.

As a TCS client you get

  • on-site and on-line on-going support for any questions you may have
  • Quick turnaround on updates and alterations
  • Instant delivery via modem
  • And our Manhattan offices are centrally located

You know we'll be there for you (We've been in business since 1981).