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Wayback Machine

I've been working in the interactive media arena for more than 30 years. These are the roots of my career in usability.

Screenshot: Instinet

Transitional Surge

Pioneering online business applications, Early Web, transitional technologies: Hypercard, Visual Basic


Before We Called It the Web

"The First Wave" of graphical interactive online services: Videotex, Cabletext, Teletext, Videodisks, Electronic Signage

Portapak Lifestyle

The New Synthesis

The New Media Emerges: Video, community cable, dance, documentaries, arts progrmming, news research, advocacy, animation, commercial art

TCS Paper

Conference Papers: 1981-1989

User Experience - in its various guises - has been my passion since I first joined the digital interactive design profession.

Here are some presentations from those at early days...

Some of it was actually insightful - and even relevant to issues that we deal with today.

Graeduate  Paper

Graduate Papers: 1979-1981

I was one of the first students to graduate with a Masters Degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Spring of 1981.

Here's a collection of my course papers ... There are some naive assumptions, some cogent analysis, and some remarkably prescient solutions.

Enhanced Sports info page

Software Solutions

Successfully marketed these productivity tools for the emerging interactive arena (1984): Templates, meta-tagging, clipart, "responsive design", multi-platform capability, construction engines
Identikit #1


Innovating with the new media: An integrated Template/Metadata Tagger design platform, animated video jukebox, face-maker, and of course .... games