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P&P: The Focus is on You a unique enterprise-based social networking platform

The pulse of the enterprise is communication.
The P&P Communique Bar keeps you current with what's happening around the enterprise. Don't see it yet? Sign up now.
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The soul of the enterprise is people.
Your People tabfolder lets you see who you know - and how. Explore People
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The energy of the enterprise is collaboration.
Beyond Facebook. P&P links not just people, but projects, information and expertise. Explore Projects
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The heart of the enterprise is personalization.
The Tag Cloud in your People tabfolder is how you share knowledge with colleagues. Explore Tags
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Click to Call

You have easy one-click voice access to anyone in the P&P network from your desktop. More about Click to Call ...

The Relationship Navigator

The Relationship Navigator in your People tabfolder lets you see who you know - and how you know them. More about Relationship Navigator ...


An enterprise-oriented Social Network like P&P is built upon our collective knowledge. More about Feedback ...


You can now "Follow" people, projects, feedback, and tags in P&P that interest you. You'll receive notifications in the Communique Bar whenever something of interest happens. More about Following an Interest ...