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It's important to understand how it all works.

What's the difference between an auction estimate and an appraisal? How do you deal with an insurance claim? Thinking about a making a donation and receiving a tax deduction? What does the IRS expect to see in a properly prepared appraisal?

Art & Antiques

You probably want to know: Is your piece authentic? How do you identify value? When is a formal appraisal required? In this economy, are you being forced to sell?

Building Deconstruction

What is "green demolition" / building deconstruction? If I donate the building materials from my house will the tax deduction offset the cost of deconstruction?

H. Peter Curran

More than 30 years of experience appraising art & antiques.

More than a decade doing  deconstruction appraisals.


Specializing in Appraisals for:

Arts & Antiques

Building Deconstruction