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My goal is to find value in unexpected places and protect my clients interests.

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About 40 years ago, I purchased two paintings for a few thousand dollars from an artist who was a patient of mine. The artist went on to become well known and has since died.  I retired and was planning to move so I wanted to update my insurance. Much to my surprise, the insurance company rejected the first appraisal because the appraiser wasn’t certified. Thankfully, Peter Curran was able complete the assignment and the paintings are now insured for $1 million.

Dr. W from Jupiter, Florida


Our father was a successful businessman. He amassed an eclectic group of collections that were packed into the apartment in the city, the beach house on the island, plus several storage units. There was an overwhelming amount of stuff ranging from multi-million dollar paintings to quirky finds from travels with our mom. We needed someone to make sense of it all and help us develop a plan for distribution of the estate. Peter Curran, with his wide range of expertise, was a great help and very pleasant to work with.

Suzy and Frank B. from New York City and Nantucket


After I got divorced I asked two major auction houses and several prominent dealers to give me estimates and offers on items that I wished to sell. It was confusing so I hired Peter Curran to advise me. He noticed that an 18th century table had been mistakenly labeled by all of them. Based on his information, I was able to sell the piece for several hundred thousand dollars more than I was previously told. It went to famous collector and is now a promised gift to a national museum.

Mary T.  from Greenwich, CT


We purchased an older home in a great location.  It was too small for us, however, so we decided to deconstruct the structure and donate the used building materials to charity. This helps protect the environment, save energy and we were able to claim a tax deduction. To maximize the financial benefits we retained Peter Curran to do the required appraisal. He is one of the most qualified appraisers in this emerging field.

Mr. and Mrs. N. from Palo Alto, CA


I recently purchased an apartment in NYC. It is a great space but I just didn't like the kitchen. Everything was new and high-end. So I donated the cabinets and appliances to charity. Mr. Curran did a very professional job with the appraisal and preparing the tax forms.

Billy J, New York City