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Presidency / Executive Branch Return to Index
The White House  
Presidential speeches  
Clinton Administration  
President of the United States (University of Michigan)  
Potus (All the Presidents)  
Executive Branch Generally (via Library of Congress)  
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents Covers 1993-present.
Congress / Legislative Branch Return to Index
The United States Senate Senators, committees, legislative activities, and other resources
U.S. House of Representatives Members, committees, leadership, roll call votes, and other resources
Congress.Org Capital directory; identify and contact your Congressman; current legislation and schedule
Legislative Histories Univ of Michigan's guide to information on bills back to 1993
Project Vote Smart Tracks the performance of the President, Congress, Governors and States Legislators. Includes issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, and evaluation by special interests. Tracks the performance of Congress on major bills.
Federal Election Commission Lists contributions and financial reports filed by Presidential and House campaigns, parties, and PACs.
Center for Responsive Politics Private, non-profit site provides detailed break-down and interpretation of campaign finances.
Associations Unlimited U.S. National, and Regional, State, and Local
Gallup Poll National public opinion coverage since 1996.
Proceedings of Congress from 1993 to Present (THOMAS Service, Library of Congress) Text of bills, 1989-present; roll call votes, 1989-present; Congressional Record, 1989-present; committee reports, 1995-present
Congressional Hearings on the Web (University of Michigan)  
Committee Hearings (House of Representatives)  
Congressional Publications (via GPO access)  
Congressional Research Service Reports Nonpartisan, analytical research reports.
Legislative Branch Generally (via Library of Congress) Congressional Member Bios, Voting Records, Finances, Interest Group Ratings
Federal Election Commission  
Center for Responsive Politics  
Project Vote Smart  
Supreme Court / Judicial Branch Return to Index
Supreme Court Decisions, 1990-present (Cornell)  
Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975 (Flite)  
Selected Historic Supreme Court Decisions  
USSC+ (Supreme Court decisions with additional information about the court)  
Official Supreme Court Page  
U.S. Federal Courts Finder (Federal Court decisions below the supreme court)  
United States Federal Judiciary  
LII and Hermes All opinions since 1990 and many before
Oyez All written opinions since 1893, and many oral arguments
State & Local Governement Return to Index
State and Local Governments Library of Congress's gateways to state and local government information, state maps, and state government information.
StateSearch Topical clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet. A service of the National Assn. of State Information Resource Executives.
State and Local Government on the Net State, multi-state commissions; Federal resources; national organizations; and other links.
National Network of State Polls Public opinion poll results from over 350 state-level surveys.