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Allied Factsheet & Talking Points
This page is your source for up-to-the-minute "facts & figures" about Allied.

Allied North America: By the Numbers

Independently-Owned Brokerage, Incorporated in 1979.

Full Service Offices in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, California, Missouri, Washington, DC, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut and Florida.

Ranked 33rd Largest Insurance Brokerage in the Country by "Business Insurance" (July 2006)

Ranked 18th largest Property and Casualty Broker in the Country by "Business Insurance" (July 2006)

More than 400 Employees

Dedicated Claims Management Teams.

Safety Management Specialists Throughout the Country

Largest independent Surety Broker in the United States

Recognized Leader in Wrap-up Insurance Programs

Talking Points:

Allied North America is one of this country's largest insurance and surety brokers specializing in the construction industry. And with good reason: Construction is all we do - and all we have done - since 1979.

This singular focus means that we don't just know our business, we understand yours. And we put that knowledge to work for you, creating innovative ways to keep your business financially sound.

Through Allied, you'll have access to far more than a conventional insurance brokerage. We're a strategically-joined group of companies that can help your business handle any construction risk-related challenge

All of these resources may be accessed through your local Allied office. Staffed by talented construction insurance professionals who understand both your industry - and your marketplace - you can count on your Allied team to help you effectively manage risk: on any project, anywhere, every step of the way.