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Chairman & CEO
William A. Marino
Chairman & CEO

Chairman & CEO
Henry C. Lombardi
President & COO
Allied North America believes that our employees are our most important resource… people who are extremely competent, knowledgeable, bright, willing, creative and ambitious.  Equally important, they are open-minded and cooperative.  It is their immeasurable contribution to our organization that will help Allied North America grow.

As a member of Allied North America family we hope you will soon feel “at home” with us.  We know it is a pleasant place in which to work, express yourself, and realize your goals. We wish you good luck in this undertaking. 

In exchange for your efforts, we shall do everything we can to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. We give you our assurance that we will conduct our firms business honorably, and with our full energies.
Our Mission Statement
To be the premier provider to contractors in the construction industry in providing risk management and financial solutions. The Allied Mission

Corporate Information
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