Highlands Natural Pool


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Can I come for the day without being a member?

Yes, you can become a provisional member and visit the pool up to 3 times before you are required to pay annual membership fees. Provisional memberships are available at the pool entrance during normal operating hours.

Does the pool have a changing room?

Yes, the pool has changing facilities, but no showers.

How deep is the pool?

The fenced-in shallow area has a gentle incline sloping to 4 feet deep. The deep section of the pool slopes from 5 feet up to 10 feet in depth.

Is there a children's swim section?

Yes, there is a fenced, shallow section for children and non-swimmers. Infants and toddlers in diapers MUST wear “swim diapers” (waterproof).

All children under the age of ... wishing to swim in the deep section of the pool must pass a swimming test.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is only allowed in the designated area, outside the pool gates.

Can I buy food at the pool?

Yes, the pool snack stand offers hot and cold snacks and drinks. Link to Food Service.

Are there picnic facilities?

Yes, just outside the pool there is a picnic grove with a number of tables available, first come, first served (you can reserve in advance). ... Call us @ xxx-xxx-xxx for details... There is a table-use fee (provisional membership rates apply); this fee includes swimming for the day and use of the restroom facilities.

No open fires are allowed, but you can use the stationary grills we provide, or bring a grill of your own. No chemical starter or treated (self-starting) briquettes are allowed!

We have a carry-in / carry-out policy: you must take all garbage and recycling home with you.

Are there any other restrictions?

Pets, alcohol, and radios are not allowed in the Pool Area or on the Weis Ecology Center grounds.

Visitors must familiarize themselves with the General Rules and Regulations that govern the swimming pool and sitting area, as well as Grounds Rules for our Picnic Grove and the rest of the Pool property. Please read these before you visit.

Are maps of the hiking trails available?

Yes, Trail maps can be obtained at the pool snack stand or the Weis visitors center gift shop. Some suggested hikes are listed on our "Things to Do" page.


Can we have our family reunion or child's birthday party at the pool?

Yes, we'll be happy to help make your event a success. For information on scheduling a group visit, call the Pool at 973-835-4299.

Are babysitters available?

Not on site. However .... Link to local babysitter services.

All children under the age of ....must be supervised by an adult.


What are the requirements for senior membership?

Senior memberships are available for those persons age 65 and older. A child who is a minor can't be added onto a Senior Family Membership. If a senior wants to include a child, then a regular Family Membership is required.

Who can be included in a Family Membership?

Family Memberships are for members of your immediate family, including parents and children. If you have a child over age 18 who is living at home and going to school full time, then an extra fee of $50 will be added to your Family Membership. Children who are 21 years or older, living at home and not full-time students cannot be included in your Family Membership.

Other Questions?

Call the pool for more information or for answers to your specific questions: 973-835-4299.