Highlands Natural Pool

Meet Us

This page isn't all that fleshed out. The existing legacy website doesn't really provide much of this info, but I believe that it's important. This is truly "the face and the personality" of the Highlands natural Pool.

Our Friendly Staff

  • lifeguards, maintenance, desk folks
  • photo & blurb

Our Neighborhood Board

  • Group photo
  • mission statement


  • A feature story that focuses on an individual or an aspect of the pool membership
  • member portrait (For example: Cyn is the Designated Gardener)
  • It's a story w/ pix


  • People love the Highlands Natural Pool. And are unreserved in their positive comments.
  • These should also be salted around the site.
  • Word of Mouth is what sells the Highlands

Our Story

  • Link to the History of the Highlands Natural Pool
  • A couple of factoids