The Communication Studio


Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt

I've never met anybody in the business who says,
"We really just don't care about the usability of our product."

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JV portrait: A-OK

Everybody wants their product to work

As companies "cut out the middleman" and move their business to the Web, eCommerce and B2B sites, we must create a delightful, compelling experience for our customers.


We've evolved from a computer-literate to a computer-expectant society.

We expect our ubiquitous technology to work for us - on our terms.

Design has evolved from technical implementation to Customer Satisfaction.

The corporate IT department is now a Software Design Studio.

What is UxP?

The User Experience Practice champions usability and embodies the full scope of skills and disciplines.

the UxP Role

The importance of Infrastructure marks the coming of age of the new media.

the Vision Thing

True "customer-centricity" requires an organizational Committment that anticipates the future and changes the way we work.

Usability defines the competitive advantage

We All Know That



Customer Satisfaction

What is it?


How do we make it happen?