The Communication Studio

the Techniques

Welcome to the Playpen

Here are some of the interface and interaction design techniques that are used in this website:

It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover.

Henri Poincare

TCS Zen Garden

Customizable site styling

Responsive Design


Multiple platforms, seamlessness

Topical Tagcloud

the InfoCloud

Tagging, keywords, domain experience

HTML5 Senmantics

It's Semantic

Semantic tagging, information architecture

Referential component

the Components

Reuseable content, customizable context

Dilbert cartoon

the Factoids

Numbers and "big data"



Integration across media (video)

Morse Code

Going Native

Prototype modeling, leverage code

Pen in hand

this Website

It's "my resume on steroids"

Hands typing on keyboard

Keyboard vs Mouse

UI Design is often Seduced by the Rodent.

The techniques express the Craft