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Burpless Oil Change

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I added oil to my car the other day. It seemed natural and common-sensical to hold the bottle at the top and pour with the mouth below and close to the target. Like so:

But the oil "burped" as it came out, because the bottle couldn't "breathe".

The oil poured slowly and I had to be careful with the inconstant flow.

I realized that I really wanted to pour from the top. In this way, the mouth of the bottle would allow equalizing air in sooner - so that the fluid would pour quickly and smoothly.


Here's my UX design suggestion

...for those of us who are "fluid dynamics-impaired": Engineer some supergraphics or indicators into those oil containers as no-brainer hints as to how to use 'em:

  • A 'big arrow' or 'hand' image
  • A bold CTA that says "This end up"
  • A handgrip as part of the container structure