The Communication Studio

Winky Dink and You

This marvelous Magic Window was, as Bill Gates says,

" the first interactive TV show "

For many of us, it was our first experience of making the TV do what we wanted it to do.

For those who didn't experience Winky Dink back in the mid-50's, I could try to explain it, but instead let's use those newfangled hyperlinks to conjure up some oral history at TV Party. (There are 3 pages - Check it out)

... and, of course, there's always Wikipedia

The images here are from my very own beat-up Winky Dink Kit:

  • the green "magic window" screen (to be placed over the tv screen)
  • special "magic crayons"
  • and erasing cloth

This was a "career appropriate" graduation gift (from the Interactive Telecommunications Program) by my buddy, Anne McKay.

It offers a simple, but very accessible User Interface, don't you think?.

Ahhhh... memories...

"How To"