The Communication Studio

Regional Energy Intranet


Interactive design leader Modem Media brought TCS onboard to assist with an intranet redesign for their client, a public energy firm serving the southeast coastal region. The client wanted their inward-facing Sharepoint site to be come more pro-actively useful to employees, while also serving as an effective venue for internal marketing.

The Value Proposition


High-level SiteMap

Like many intranets, this site suffered from "info bloat" - The tendency to provide an overabundance of information that may be useful but is poorly organized. Client issues:

  • Re-organize structure and content
  • Glean unnecessary info noise
  • Consistent look, feel & behavior
  • Identify & model employee-centric workflows


Lean Wireframe

  • Content Inventory of collateral on the existing site. This was the first time that the client had really seen their intranet "at a glance". They were now able to "rate" the value of their existing information collateral.
  • "Clean & lean" site model
  • Wishlist of appropriate, task-oriented features and functionality
  • Comprehensive set of mockups that fulfilled the client's design and performance agenda for their SharePoint delivery platform.