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In the Sidebar

Provide links to more videos on YouTube.

The Archive can offer full-length videos. But the videos presented in the site itself must be much, much shorter.

Edit them down to a series of highlights - about 1-2 minutes maximum. Nobody will watch more than that - unless they are really, really heavily invested in watching Muay Thai TV.

Student Training (what to expect)

Highlights of Student Fights (students & trainers celebrate victory)

Chin's greatest Fights (intercut with factoids about his championship success)

You may want to break up the shortened videos with title cards that help make your points. The short videos become more like animated slideshows.

A good Training Video is tremendously valuable. It can be featured right up front on the homepage. In a couple of minutes it should show:

  • Trainers working with students
  • Exercises
  • Sparring
  • Chin in the gym
  • Group shots of students & trainers
  • Happy students

You might want to produce a short: Scenes from "day in the life" of a student (wake up in a room at the gym, warm up, stretching, technique drills, eating together, sparring with pads, cool down, getting on motorbikes and going to the beach, etc.)

Your customers want to see images of themselves (or people who look like them) - doing what they're going to do when they come to Muay Thai Chinnarach. Work. and Play.