The Communication Studio


I always try to provide The Three Cee's:

Context, Continuity, Consistency

Customer-driven products don't have a coherent design. They lack .'conceptual integrity', a single-minded vision of a program which . is the most important ingredient to success.

Allen Cooper


Know where you are and what you're doing

For example: You’re browsing documents or performing a function, such as document editing.

    • The introductory page should provide an explanatory overview of the operational elements and how they work.
    • Every major function (s.a. Create a New … or Edit) should have a set of directions.
    • When you enter or exit – and at appropriate points in the process – you should receive a synopsis of your activity.


Embrace “sticky information

The service should “remember” relevant information about your preferences, habits or even where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

    • The process is a thread of events
    • Design themes pervade the environment
    • Relevant information is “inherited as you move through the workflow.
    • Pre-populate pages with appropriate choices and information.


Behavior must be consistent

Employ harmony in terminology, color cues, layout conventions and design themes.

    • among functional areas or sections
    • within the pages themselves (i.e. between menubars and content)
    • within logical areas (i.e.continuity within the content documents)


Provide perspective. Keep track of things. Maintain a safe environment