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The enterprise website is the 21st Century business card. This video is a bit dated now, as the design of the site has actually changed substantially. But you still might find it interesting. And the QuickTour (3.5 min) is always a good idea.

This website is my "online PowerPoint"

Good user interfaces are invisible.

Allen Cooper

It's My Resume on Steroids


Money: You've got it - I want it.

The site was initially designed to get paying work. The primary audience is still Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Showcase: I can present my Portfolio of Experience.

Resume Bullets: One central, accessible location for storing my professional Skillset.

Talking Points: Easy, consistent point of reference for discussing Understanding UxP or my Professional Services.

JobReq FastTrack: A quick way of addressing job-related FastTrack (esp. for Recruiters).

Cross-Media Integration: You can view the "print format" version of My Resume: It's clickable guide to the info on the website. (This is the same doc that I email to potential clients in MS-Word or PDF format).

Working Collateral: Some examples of my UX Tasks.

For Example: Clickable Demosites.

It's a You-Eye Playpen


UX is most effective when it is Transparent

I've always tried to "present the medium through the medium." The Web is not at its most compelling when it simply emulates paper. Don't just talk about it - Show it.

But you should be able to articulate what you're doing, as well. That's sort of the essence of UxP: self-referential, self-aware, and self-explanatory.

You do notice bad UX design. You don't notice good UX design.

These pages explain some of the UX techniques that are embedded in the site.

Responsive Design One site / multiple platforms

StyleSwitcher Dymnamic, flexible branding & styling

InfoCloud Topic-driven guide to my Experience Portfolio

Components Usually feature "referential hyperlinks" to relevant collateral

It's the Eternity Portal


This information is now data. And because it's on the Web, this information is now forever.

Over time, this website will evolve into a personal & family history, as well as a repository of mind.