Introducing Structured Notes (S-Notes)
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S-Notes Product Family

While the days of booming equity markets and ever declining interest rates may be gone, investor demand for returns remains as strong as ever. Many of today’s sophisticated investors are seeking enhanced returns across all asset classes. The unique features of structured notes may provide investors some of the solutions they are seeking.

The market for structured notes in the United States began as an alternative to traditional investments in stocks and bonds. Since its inception, the market has grown and become more complex.

As a leading issuer of SEC registered structured notes in the US (based upon the number of registered issuances in 2005), ABN AMRO Bank N.V. recognizes that investors have three distinct demands:

Investor Demands

      1. Enhanced returns relative to traditional investments
      2. Products that can be applied to investors' risk profiles and asset allocation targets
      3. Quality service before and after a transaction is completed


ABN AMRO has developed a new and straightforward platform for delivering structured notes to investors:

S-Notes - A Family of Structured Products

S-Notes Features

    • Simplify the multi-dimensional process of selecting the right S-Notes for an investor's portfolio
    • Straightforward product family concept
    • Deliver institutional quality service on a personalized level


Institutional-Quality Service, Personalized Attention

ABN AMRO recognizes that exceptional service is paramount for today’s sophisticated investors. The Private Investor Products Marketing team provides the following important benefits to investors and financial advisors:

* One desk for all asset classes
* Innovative products
* Consistency in delivery
* Speed to market
* Comprehensive website

S-Notes are designed to be one of the many tools that investors and their financial advisors use to chart the course to a better financial future.

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