Personalized S-Notes
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S-Notes Product Family

S-Notes may be customized to meet an investor's specific investment goals and objectives. ABN AMRO or its affiliates will work with investors and their financial advisors to tailor S-Notes to the investor’s personal risk/return profile, time horizon and asset allocation targets. S-Notes have the flexibility to be linked to many different underlying assets, thus giving investors market access that they might not otherwise be able to achieve in an economically efficient manner.

For example, S-Notes may be used by an investor who has a particular view on an index that tracks a specific industry sector or who would like exposure to a basket of assets, such as emerging market currencies.

ABN AMRO's Private Investor Products Marketing team helps investors and their financial advisors find the right products to meet their investment needs.

Our personalized products, just like our widely offered S-Notes, are sold by prospectus and are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.